New Client Intake Checklist

Please set aside about 20 minutes to complete this checklist for me, alternatively, you are encouraged (I prefer this actually) to schedule a Skype call so I can interview you and ask these questions…. My skype handle is: briancolborne , If you need to contact me via email my email address please go to the contact page

  • I created this checklist in printed format for clients who are phone shy…if you opt to fill out the form then please write as much detail as you think will benefit me writing excellent copy for you.

This checklist is in 2 sections, the first are more open ended, and the second concentrate on specific areas that help me write bulletproof golden copy!

Feel free to write as much as you can below each question. (the document can expand)

    1. Tell me about your business — what do you sell or offer?
    2. How do you hope to boost business through this project?
    3. Who’s your typical customer/buyer? (I need demographic and psychographic info here)
    4. How much can you tell me about this audience? Extract every detail you can, down to what brand of coffee tyour customers drink. The more developed my picture of your customers, the easier it will be to ‘talk’ to them in your copy.
    5. What are the most important problems facing this audience? If you are not crystal clear on this can I please talk to your sales staff about what they hear from customers?
    6. Have you done any market research on your customers?
    7. How, specifically, does your product or service help solve their problems?
    8. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve been having with your marketing or copy?
    9. What’s working now, and what frustrates you about your marketing/content?
    10. What’s the major competition for this product or service, and how are you different/better?
  • May I see your existing marketing materials?
  1. Even if you loathe your existing marketing materials, its all the more reason for me to see them and for you to show me exactly isnt working for you – so I can steer clear of it in your current project!
  2. Will what I write be used with your existing marketing materials? (ie flyers inserted etc)
  3. Who else is involved with this project for approvals, implementation?
  4. What time frame are you working with?
  5. Do you have a budget range in mind for this project?
  6. Can you provide me with five descriptive words that define the values you’d like me to convey about your company?
  7. Do you have any multimedia needs for this project? (slides, videos , podcasts etc)

In Depth Questions:

  1. Who’s your ideal customer?
  2. What are his/her hot buttons or primary concerns?
  3. What keeps him/her awake at night, staring at the ceiling, dreading the day ahead?
  4. How do you want this reader to feel as a result of reading this piece?
  5. What do you want this reader to do as a result of reading this piece? (Have one focused call-to-action, not several)
  6. What transformation do customers experience after buying your product/service? How will their lives, work or daily routine be different? (Paint a clear and compelling before-and-after scenario.)
  7. Walk me through what happens after someone purchases your product/service, step by step.
  8. What are common objections or sources of hesitation you’ve observed, that cause prospects to drag their feet or decide against your product/service?
  9. Is there a built-in bias in the way these people make decisions?
  10. Who else is selling something similar to this audience, and how?
  11. What do you do better or differently from your competitors?
  12. If your product/service isn’t different from your competitors’, what attributes can be stressed that haven’t been advertised or stressed by the competition?
  13. Who has bought this (or something similar) from you in the past? What do they say about it?
  14. Can you share any proof points (testimonials, studies, data, success stories) that back up your claims?
  15. Do you offer a guarantee or risk reversal of any kind?
  16. Are there time-sensitive factors (like a deadline-driven bonus or penalty) affecting the cost of your product/service?
  17. Is there an early-bird benefit, deadline or scarcity to help create urgency?
  18. Anything else I (or your readers) should know? Any benefits we haven’t discussed?
  19. What writing voice or tone best reflects your brand and customers? (Formal, casual, conversational, humorous, etc.)
  20. What is your preferred form of communication?
  21. What is your expectation of my availability?
  22. Are you looking to lock down my time exclusively?
  23. Will I be allowed to use this piece as a sample in my portfolio?
  24. Are there any restrictions on who else I can work for in your industry?
  25. Have we covered everything I need to know?

Thank you for enquiring

Kind Regards


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