If you need QUALIFIED leads, Sales or optins

then you are at the right place…

I design websites that are created with the specific goal of making money, (not pleasing shareholders or “looking cool with flashy graphics”)

Actually I don’t create “websites,” I create online marketing assets…I build online businesses…

above all,  if your website is focused on:

  • making a sale,
  • converting a lead
  • making a cold lead warm
  • getting a client to make a booking,
  • asking a client to place an order
  • asking a client to make an enquiry or take any other action
  • getting a client to download a report/book/video
  • getting a client onto an email autoresponder sequence so you can continually market to them…

Specifically I build and then copywrite (as in direct response copy) websites that bring

  • A Flood of Red Hot Leads (Lead Generation)

  • Focused on optimising conversions and maximising opt ins

  • Ultimately Driving Sales

My name is Brian, and I have a history of working in the IT industry since around 1997,

I have lived and worked (In Information Technology) all around the world, including, Malta, the UK, Ireland, and I have travelled a lot too.

I left working for corporate clients (aka my “job”) around the end of 2010, and have been working full time doing online marketing since then.

in 2010 my mate asked me to help him promote a company he was working with and offered me a commission..

I helped him and after the second month I doubled the amount I was making – working for a major online gaming firm (full tilt poker) the dev house was based in Ireland- and they pay quite well…

I’m not telling you any of this to brag, I’m just giving you some backstory into who I am and what I can do for you..

Those websites I created for my mate were amateur at best, I hardly knew what I was doing, but Ive studied direct response marketing and copywriting for years… perfecting my skill at this.

So I have a lot of experience putting up websites with the purpose of generating income.

By the way…

When I did my first site for my mate, I had only just started in the whole online marketing /internet marketing world and in hindsight I made a lot of mistakes… and yet the income from these ugly yet simple websites I created.. allowed me to live for 5 years comfortably(it was a passive income generating business)

Since that Time I have continuously spent time perfecting and learning marketing and copywriting….

  • I study continuously, as I believe in practising the philosophy of the winning edge.

Here’s an excerpt from highly acclaimed personal development author Brian Tracy’s Website:

I have paraphrased and curated it, as it was written for salesmen yet the principle is so good it applies to every endeavour of life…

 One of the most important concepts ever discovered in the field of human performance is called the “winning edge concept.”
This concept or principle, states that, “small differences in ability can translate into enormous differences in results.”
What it means is that if you become just a little bit better in certain critical areas of your life it can translate into enormous value and benefits to you. In fact, you may be on the verge of a major step forward in your results in life at this very moment just by learning and practicing something new and different to what you have done before.

If a horse comes in first by a nose, it wins ten times the prize money of the horse that comes in second, even though the difference is only a nose, or perhaps a couple of inches, in a photo finish.

You can find Brian Tracy’s original article here

(I’m not affiliated to Brian Tracy and get nothing for this endorsement, his principles just work – I know because I’ve used many of his principles and advice to improve my life – so Id encourage you to apply them.)
Since that time I have studied like a crazy person because

“small differences in ability can translate into enormous differences in results.”

So I’ve studied and learned and applied knowledge from the very best in every field that has a positive influence on my career and industry…

and one of the things I have studied, (Indeed it is the most important skill of all) is copywriting specifically- direct response copywriting…

And that my friend is the key to the kingdom, as it is the art of getting people to take action

be it

  • generating a flood of red hot leads…
  • reaching into their wallet and giving you the cash
  • ordering something online via credit card
  • sign up for a course etc

Basically this is the skill of creating sales messages that convert and convince customers to take an action.

and its one of the hardest skills to master – I dont think you ever STOP learning in this field… Yet I find it very fulfilling and rewarding…

In fact It is my “official” career now, I’m a Direct response copywriter specialising in online marketing

Ok so what this means is that I know how to write websites in such a way that it makes people pay you for your products and services..*

***Note: just because I work in the world of word jujitsu and voodoo NLP /hypno pursuasion skills – does not mean your product can be crap.***

This is a whole lot better than going to an ad agency, or a marketing agency

(who don’t know a thing about writing persuasive direct response copy) –

  • look don’t take my word for it, go ahead and approach these organisations, ask them to quote you… and ask them how they will measure response…as in return on investment.

I’m not trashing them… they are more geared to “brand and image oriented advertising” but I have yet to see any evidence of good returns (in terms of income)coming from this type of copywriting…

There is perhaps a good reason they don’t measure response in their version of the industry… because clients would soon realise their dollars are NOT bringing in a return on investment.

(in direct response everything is measured) you know if its working or not…

That doesn’t mean there is not a place for it…

A lot of companies actually don’t exist “just to make a profit” at a certain point a company exists to please its board of directors, and stock holders… and this is more Public relations than marketing….

In that world, brand imaging is everything and its important… BUT, the bottom line is…. it doesn’t make money… If you arent a large multinational corporation like coke-a-cola, and are more a small to medium business you should really be focusing on getting a return on every dollar spent on advertising, and if it cant be tracked and measured… STOP DOING IT… youre probably wasting money hand over fist.

in my opinion -anything other than direct response copywriting should just be called content.

Aaand… as one of my most favorite Copywriting Masters (John Carlton) teaches:

Nothing Good Will Ever Happen In Your Business

Or Your Career Until The Copy Gets Written –

(by John Carlton One of the best copywriters alive today)

Your ability to write something good – and effective -that is a sales message,  Is the fuel for ALL business success…

if you think about it you’ll soon realise its true…becos…

  • Ads
  • Emails
  • Speeches
  • Website copy
  • Sales scripts
  • PR releases
  • Videos
  • Social Media

With Everything written, verbalised, or filmed: – you need to get your message out, pursuade prospects to become customers, and convince anyone to do anything

And That is the purpose of direct response advertising….

 The Key To Making Money Online 

  • A Viable Market
  • Good Product
  • A website written with Direct Response Copywriting  
  • Web Traffic
  • = SALES