The golden keys to the kingdom

Direct response copywriting is writing (usually sales letters or adverts, catalogues, websites – pretty much anything or any media) you use to convince customers to buy or take an action.

Essentially it takes customers to a buying decision right away, through using proven direct response rules and emotional triggers, and it is also scientifically tested! so any methods that dont work are discarded… and this has been done since the late 1800’s so its down to a fine art now… with the internet its really fast.

on that note if you wish to understand this science, and become familiar with its rules- its good to read the following books:

RECOMMENDED Reading For Direct Response COPYwrITING

  • Scientific Advertising (Claude Hopkins)
  • Tested Advertising Methods – (John Caples)
  • How To Write A Good Advertisement (Victor O Schwab)
  • The Robert Collier Letter Book (Robert Collier duh)
  • Reality In Advertising (Rosser Reeves)
  • Advertising Secrets Of The Written Word (Joe Sugarman)
  • Ogilvy On Advertising
  • No BS Direct Marketing : Dan Kennedy
  • Breakthrough Advertising (Gene Schwartz)
  • Successful Direct Marketing Methods (Bob Stone)

Can you tell I am reading these titles from my bookshelf? hehehe…

Classic Direct Response Copywriting Textbooks

My Copywriting “Classic” Textbooks

But seriously these ARE the recommended books to get a classic education in direct response copywriting.

Gary Halbert, one of the best copywriters to ever live (passed on in 2007 – rest in peace Gary!) – recommended a kind of short course in copywriting by following his 30 day challenge… you can check that out here... which includes reading most of these books at least twice… while taking copious notes on 3X5 cards…

SO my point is, you need to combine this kind of copywriting with a website if you want to sell anything…

as one of my favorite copywriting teachers, John Carlton said

“Nothing Good Will Ever Happen In Your Business  Or Your Career Until The Copy Gets Written” John Carlton

when you think about it all:

  • Ads
  • Emails
  • Speeches
  • Website copy
  • Sales scripts
  • PR releases
  • Videos
  • Social Media

In fact everything written, verbalised, or filmed needs a copywriter to get the message out in the right way…

A copywriters ability to write something good AND effective, that is a SALES MESSAGE Is the fuel for all Business success…

What A Copywriter Does:

  1. Create A Fact sheet about the product or service,  the copywriter thoroughly researche’s the product or service so thoroughly that you know it better than the inventor or owner…this step is vital and can help you almost write the copy by itself.
  2. Convert the relevant facts into a Benefit List
  3. Construct your Offer and write it on a Deal Sheet
  4. Dip into swipe file (similar adverts or ads that can be related to your current project) of headlines, offers, openings, ads, and sales letters on the same subject
  5. rewrite the winner sales letters in your own handwriting…
  6. take a break
  7. write your copy

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My Offer To You

If you own a business and dont have the time to devote to mastering direct response copywriting and so get your website or other marketing material to the point where it is:

“Powerfully Effective in Driving Leads, Increasing Sales, Upping Conversions and Exploding Profits”


then you may as well give me a try,

I am not just a direct response copywriter, I can help you tweak your entire marketing and give you ideas and concepts that when you apply it would make us both a lot of profit…

I work based on a flat fee upfront, (this depends on the complexity of the project so we need to chat before I can quote you) and a % commission/royalties on sales that my copy produces…

This should make you happy because you know I’m going to pull out all the stops to get that commission!

If you have an idea or a business and want to get more leads, more sales etc… then fill out the below form and lets discuss the possibilities of working on your project.