Dear Friend,

I’m so glad you’re reading this message, because if you think you’re a potential competitor of mine, this message may be the most profitable page you read all year! (I’m not kidding) If you read this page carefully it may provide you with an extra stream of income (that would have been lost) with continual residual income – all based on a mutually beneficial relationship between us…

You probably know….

if you design or build websites or marketing campaigns or advertisements it means that on the surface, or perhaps to a clients eyes we are offering a similar service… and are direct competitors..

Yet nothing could be further from the truth!

You see, most web designer or marketing companies are focused on image and branding style advertising – which is very different from the  kind of service I provide…

I have zero interest in building a branding /image style campaign for clients – it just doesn’t turn me on!

I thrive on the excitement of producing ad campaigns, websites and copy that are all direct response /direct results oriented – and measured – (where I also get a slice of the pie my copy produces…)

Admittedly this is for a different kind of client…. The good old “bottom line” client  that demands a measurable guarantee return on investment  for every cent spent and wants to see a measurable profit from his advertising – ie “what am I gonna get if I spend X on marketing…”

This type of client is probably not your cup of tea.. but he’ or she would be perfectly suited to working with me…

And conversely, if I get clients who are branding and image conscious  – (which is probably more than 80% of normal client enquiries!) I would guess these clients are Ideally suited to working with you….

Since you are in the web/advertising industry you see we provide a very different service and our goals and clients are actually vastly different! why dont we co-operate and send each other clients that are better suited for each other?

My Offer To You:

There are really three levels of beneficial arrangments we can explore:

  1. So if you’re keen to benefit from either clients I can refer…(that I cant or wont service due to them being oriented to branding and image marketing)
  2. Or even if you’d like to explore a one step deeper more profitable relationship – such as the possibility of mining your lists to extract more profit from unconverted leads…(in exchange for a % recurring commission)
  3. Or you’re keen to even extract more profit from your list via an endorsement offer, where I offer my  direct marketing services to your clients (via an endorsement from you)for things like an add on to their existing marketing – such as boosting their business by having me build a lead generation micro-website – and driving leads via a PPC or any other kind of campaign)

In the last example(and its only an example, we could probably brainstorm and come up with many excellent services we could offer our clients)

the benefits to all parties are obvious:

  • you are providing an excellent and valuable service to your clients and making a profit for zero extra work on your part (ill even write the endorsement letter/email for you and subject to your approval of course)
  • Your clients make more money as a result of the add on services and grow and require more marketing from you (direct response drives sales and leads and will lead to growth and an increased need for branding and image positioning)
  • You directly make a profit with a continuous % of residual income generated every month from the services they buy from me. – say they need to have the campaign constantly you will get your commission every month… AND you will get (in the example above R1250 per sale upfront (this is 25% of the fee for me building a lead generation website which is R5000) and earn a monthly passive income… )
  • of course all of this is negotiable so please don’t feel its set in stone, we would need to discuss all this and create a mutually beneficial agreement.

we could both benefit and make a tremendous profit – all the while providing our clients with valuable growth, sales, lead generation and profit and the precise services they really need!

I look forward to hearing from you, please use the form below to start a conversation that will benefit us both…