Attention Business Owner:
“How You Can Get Your Own Qualified

Lead Generating System – :A Website Designed With Direct Response Copy To Explode Your Conversions, Opt-Ins and Powerfully Boost Your Sales…”

If your business needs a flood of high quality qualified leads, then you need to read this web page…

If you want to take a business and make it successful online, make sales online,  generate WARM leads on autopilot, quit cold calling or increase enquiries this is exactly what you are looking for.

This is perfect for

  • businessmen and women who want to take their business online for the first time…
  • Salespeople who want to stop cold calling and want a flood of warm leads.
  • You already have a successful business but want a proper strong marketing platform –  in other words you own a business and it has a website but you aren’t seeing much success in marketing it online.
  • ideally you have a strong sales background (and so you understand the value of excellent marketing and sales oriented copy/content)
  • you have an excellent product or service but you want to “bring it to market” in the most powerful and effective way possible.
  • you may be terrified or confused as to how to do this , how to take a business idea and translate that into a fully functioning marketing system that works on autopilot… if this is you you have come to the right place.

If your goals for a website fit any of the following

  • making a sale,
  • converting a lead
  • making a cold lead warm
  • getting a client to make a booking,
  • asking a client to place an order
  • asking a client to make an enquiry or take any other action
  • getting a client to download a report/book/video
  • getting a client onto an email autoresponder sequence so you can continually market to them…

I build websites for businesses that want to make money, and typically you would be someone who knows that these are things to be focused on:

  • A Flood of Red Hot Leads (Lead Generation)

  • You are Focused on optimising conversions and maximising opt ins

  • Ultimately Driving Sales

What I do is build marketing assets not just ordinary run of the mill websites…

I need to get that clear because when you think of a website you may get a picture of a normal website in your head and that is NOT what I am talking about.

lets assume I am talking about Robert Kiyosaki’s definition of an asset, not the accountants definition…

 “An Asset is anything that you acquire that puts money into your pocket. Assets are what the rich use to generate wealth over time.”

– From Rich Dad, Poor Dad 1997 ISBN: 0-446-67745-0  Robert Kiyosaki & Sharon Lechter

What is a Marketing Asset

The best way for me to explain this is with a story and proof with an excellent example…

this is the story of the Wall Street Journal…salesletter – Read it and read it well  (it is quite short) you will learn a great deal that can benefit your business…

Below is what many consider “The Greatest Sales Letter of All Time.” It sold $2 billion worth of Wall St. Journal subscriptions & ran from 1975-2003 – it was written by Martin Conroy

The Original “Tale of 2 Men” sales letter for Wall Street Journal – By Martin Conroy

As I said above, this letter generated $2 BILLION DOLLARS…. that piece built that company up and ran for 28 years!!!

Now this is just a piece of paper, and yet it is worth more than all the staff, their cars , the wall street journal offices and buildings… and pretty much anything else you can think of… this piece of paper was worth more to the wall street journal than all that… it is a true asset… I think I made my point… that this is not just words on paper, its something that will swell bank accounts if its written the right way…

for more information on this sales letter you can check out the original here

much like the example above – which is an excellent example of something called


(which is the forbidden art of persuasion in print – basically copy that urges an immediate response -usually a sale – and always has a call to action, an irresistible offer and a reason to respond now

My name is Brian, and I have a history of working in the IT industry since around 1997,

I have lived and worked (In Information Technology) all around the world, including, Malta, the UK, Ireland, and I have travelled a lot too.

I left working for corporate clients (aka my “job”) around the end of 2010, and have been working full time doing online marketing since then.

In 2010 my mate asked me to help him promote a company he was working with and offered me a commission..

I helped him and after the second month I doubled the amount I was making – working for a major online gaming firm (full tilt poker) the dev house was based in Ireland- (and they pay quite well…)

I’m not telling you any of this to brag, I’m just giving you some backstory into who I am and what I can do for you..

Those websites I created for my mate were amateur at best, I hardly knew what I was doing, but Ive studied direct response marketing and copywriting for years… perfecting my skill at this.

So I have a lot of experience putting up websites with the purpose of generating income.

By the way…

When I did my first site for my mate, I had only just started in the whole online marketing /internet marketing world and in hindsight I made a lot of mistakes… and yet the income from these ugly yet simple websites I created.. allowed me to live for 5 years comfortably(it was a passive income generating business)

Since that Time I have continuously spent time perfecting and learning marketing and copywriting….

  • I study continuously, as I believe in practising the philosophy of the winning edge.

Here’s an excerpt from highly acclaimed personal development author Brian Tracy’s Website:

I have paraphrased and curated it, as it was written for salesmen yet the principle is so good it applies to every endeavour of life…

 One of the most important concepts ever discovered in the field of human performance is called the “winning edge concept.”
This concept or principle, states that, “small differences in ability can translate into enormous differences in results.”
What it means is that if you become just a little bit better in certain critical areas of your life it can translate into enormous value and benefits to you. In fact, you may be on the verge of a major step forward in your results in life at this very moment just by learning and practicing something new and different to what you have done before.

If a horse comes in first by a nose, it wins ten times the prize money of the horse that comes in second, even though the difference is only a nose, or perhaps a couple of inches, in a photo finish.

You can find Brian Tracy’s original article here

(I’m not affiliated to Brian Tracy and get nothing for this endorsement, his principles just work – I know because I’ve used many of his principles and advice to improve my life – so Id encourage you to apply them.)
Since that time I have studied like a crazy person because

“small differences in ability can translate into enormous differences in results.”

So I’ve studied and learned and applied knowledge from the very best in every field that has a positive influence on my career and industry…

and one of the things I have studied, (Indeed it is the most important skill of all) is copywriting specifically- direct response copywriting…

And that my friend is the key to the kingdom, as it is the art of getting people to take action

be it

  • generating a flood of red hot leads…
  • reaching into their wallet and giving you the cash
  • ordering something online via credit card
  • sign up for a course etc

Basically this is the skill of creating sales messages that convert and convince customers to take an action.

and its one of the hardest skills to master – I dont think you ever STOP learning in this field… Yet I find it very fulfilling and rewarding…

In fact It is my “official” career now, I’m a Direct response copywriter specialising in online marketing

Ok so what this means is that I know how to write websites in such a way that it makes people pay you for your products and services..*

***Note: just because I work in the world of word jujitsu and voodoo NLP /hypno pursuasion skills – does not mean your product can be crap.***

My Offer To You:

If you own a business (and don’t have the time to devote to mastering direct response copywriting) BUT you still NEED to get yourself a lead generating website

√ Do you want to acquire the potent marketing asset of an highly converting lead generation system complete with extremely powerful copy and irresistible sales pages and kick ass offers?

√ Have you invested fatiguing months of product creation, website design and advertising and when finally your product or service is ready there is lack of sales?

√ Do you want the exact psycological triggers and tactics used by the MOST successful and filthy rich online entrepreneurs pepper sprayed into your copy?

√ Are you OK with it when the copy grabs your clients by the eye balls and heart, sets afire deep dark emotions and compelling fears and makes them lust for your product service or solution?

√ If you’ve answered “yes” to even one of these questions, then investing in this lead generating website, will be the best decision you’ve made this year.

Even if you have the best product in the world, it wont be successful…
You need to know how to offer it to your clients, and that’s copywriting skills…

Benefits of The Ultimate Lead Generating Website System

  • It is a complete website with homepages, about page, sales pages, products and services, landing and squeeze pages.. all written with direct response copy with the focus on getting leads and sales..
  • the lead generation website is done with direct response copy principles – a focus on getting a required action ( leads and sales)
  • You get a years hosting free with the purchase.
  • I will use a premium theme – thesis (all sites are built with wordpress) which is perfect for marketing online and designing landing pages etc.
  • You get 20 email addresses to use.
  • Its really easy on you as I do the heavy lifting of building the copy…
  • we do an initial consultation and I interview you for all the details I need to craft compelling copy…
  • you can see these Client Intake Questions Here

Give the lead generation website a try, Ill work with you to create a powerful platform and turn it into a true asset for your business…

How Does All This Benefit YOU?

It means you get a website/s that will generate sales, leads, continually increasing conversions and obviously these are all geared and designed to be making you ‘mo’ money.

Here’s What I’ve Got For You:

I can create a Qualified Lead generation “marketing” website for you from scratch(otherwise known as a microsite)

Remember to think of it as- a business asset – because thats precisely what it is,  -its a marketing asset… not “just a website”…this baby is designed to make you money…

  • in which the wording is all written according to the HOLY GRAIL of direct response copywriting rules
  • persuasion, fact and emotion is used as is reason, but not hype… the most effective method of course is proof…
  • There can be landing pages to capture emails or get future clients on lists..
  • there can be sales pages to sell them stuff
  • there can be video sales letters embedded in the site to help connect to clients emotions and bond and build emotion and rapport with your clients
  • there can be an autoresponder sequence written* but you need to ask for this as its a lot of extra work and I charge more for this…

But of course all this can be very pricey… but it is a good Idea to check this out to understand just how valuable this skill is:

The Value Of What You Are Getting

Check out this 2017 price list from AWAI(American Writers and Artists -the main college teaching copywriting ) its on this page

just go to the green button at the bottom of the page and click download(you don’t need to fill out any form)

or if its a hassle you can download it here

So this is the value you are getting….these are standard industry fees!

  1. Microsite website- which is a small (about 5 pages) sales oriented website ($3000- $7000)
  2. Landing page/ Sales page ($950-$5000+)
  3. VSL ($500+ per min /script – $5000 + based on length)
  4. autoresponder email sequence ($100-$1000 per email)
  5. Lead Magnet (white paper) ($2000 -$7000)
  6. PPC Campaign ($75-$350 per ad)
  7. Social Media Ad Campaign ($500)
  8. Social Media Management (Facebook, twitter,1-2 hours a day monitoring & posting 5 days a week) ($1000-$2000 pm)
  9. LOCAL SEO Google + and other review sites ($25-$500)
  10. Advertorial ($800-$1500)

Thats a total investment value of:

  • Minimum :$8950.00 and that’s unrealistic because that’s saying your VSL is less than 5 mins, and your autoresponder sequence is 1 email long (its usually 30)
  • Maximum: $29850 and that’s 1 email in the autoresponder sequence
  • add it to 5 and you get $33850
  • add it to 10 and you get $38850
  • add 30 emails (the correct amount) and its a grand total of $58850 – these are accurate industry prices…

By the way I’m not showing this just to shock you, I am trying to help you understand the correct value that is direct response copywriting…

AND DO NOT BE ALARMED at these figures,

Your Investment would likely be much more affordable…but since every project is different…

I’d need to give you a quote based on YOUR needs…

Those investment figures above are ACCURATE and TOTALLY WORTH IT… In fact they are on the LOW side – if you got a top copywriter to do all that it would be considerably more… AND THEY ARE 110% WORTH IT…

Please understand:
Whatever the copywriter earns is a pittance compared to
what YOU the client make in clean profit…

  • You shouldn’t focus on the cost or price of this, as its an investment….
  • You need to really GET  the RETURN ON INVESTMENT this kind of writing makes for you…

Why do you think clients are willing to pay this to Direct response copywriters? I guarantee its because what they provide creates a MASSIVE return on investment….

I heard of a copywriting legend Gary Bencivenga going in to receive his $4 000 000 pay – which was only a tiny percentage of the profit… ie the copywriter only earned a 5% or 3% commission /royalty….*

(*im not sure on the details of the figures here guys – its an estimate from memory – but it illustrates the point I’m trying to make)

If A Copywriter Makes A Million In Commission, His Client BROKE the BANK

Wouldn’t you be happy to pay 1 million dollars to earn 19 Million? remember you only pay the royalties after the copywriter writes a winner so its no big cost to you…

See the prices above (the AWAI fee schedule)are flat fees BEFORE royalties…

Why are royalties a good thing? well they Guarantee the copywriter works his ass off to get a nice piece of the goodbury pie.

so I came up with a much better solution for you…

I have to give you a quote

How It All Works

  1. I send you some questions and we consult on skype and I interview you to extract all the juicy information needed to write truly stunning copy. This is also to see if we can work together, if you have a suitable product, and if we are a good fit for each other – for an idea of these questions you can go here: Client Intake Questionnaire
  2. If we like each other, are a good fit and feel we can do great work together – we can start with something small like putting your basic lead generation website up,
  3. based on how complex this is I will provide you a quote that includes a basic flat fee, and a proposed commission(royalty) – remember : this is a negotiation… so if you feel you don’t want me to earn any ongoing commission on my copy, the upfront fee is going to be higher… (this is also great for me and then you don’t need to remember to keep paying me a % of your profit)if you are more happy to pay commission in lieu of a lower upfront fee, this is also great! either way we BOTH win… ongoing commission is great for me and I prefer it as it generates passive income, and it also cements us in a good working relationship because I will be happy to work on all your future copy too…
  4. Depending on your marketing plan , and the feasibility of my schedule we schedule a delivery date… (and if this is doable, I will tell you or refuse the project)
  5. You pay the upfront or flat fee
  6. I will provide you a copy platform /brief (kind of like a rough basic draft) – to make sure were on the same page with where the sales messages are going.
  7. I deliver the completed work / Website and its ready for traffic/ sales and lead gen – please talk to me about this if you are unfamiliar with this – I can help
  8. Its my aim to find clients I really enjoy working with and by making them a great return on investment strengthening that relationship accordingly (if it makes sense) into a kind of mutually exclusive arrangement.

take the next step to success…

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PS: You can reach me for questions here:

Skype: BrianColborne